Defensive Horse Safety Training

05/11/2024 11:00AM to 05/11/2024 04:00PM
Open to the public
Event Description

Defensive Horse Safety is required by the Forest Service for working on Project where there is stock involved.  This course is designed to familiarize members and guests with how to be around horses safely, how to saddle, mount and dismount, groom and be ready for the trail with stock.  Safety is the primary concern and this is mandatory for any trail work.  Members and Guests are welcome contact Mary Westphal 406-270-2733 or

What does it take to be safe around pack or saddlestock? Thistraining course provides safetyinformation and teaches basic horsemanship safety practices. Thecourse serves as anintroduction for those new to pack or saddlestock and as a refresher for more experiencedstock users. Simply 

reviewing this material alone is not enough to qualify or certify you ascompetent to ride or work around pack or saddlestock. A novice stock user must also receivehands-on instruction from an experienced stock user.Safety is the most critical objective. Your safety, the safety of your coworkers, the safety ofthe public, and property protection should be a part of every plan and every action you take.The U.S. Forest Service requires employees working for, or on behalf of the agency receivetraining to safely perform the specific work they plan to do.